Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spirit Fingers, Rococo Hands

Cult nail polish brand Rococo is officially my new go-to for nails. From glittering black to matte blue, the made-to-thrill colors elicit swoon after swoon. Be prepared for queries and compliments from friends and random passersby alike, and stock up on your bottles before they beat you to it.

You can check out the gorgeous navies, bright poppies, and of-the-moment nudes over at Space.NK. Some favorites, below:

Noir nails get an update with a metallic finish. City Slick.

And here ends my search for the perfect blue: Eccentric is a gorgeous matte.

Funboy is summer's hot pink in a matte finish.

Putty greys are supposed to be all the rage this season, but Utility is the first I've found that doesn't look awful with my skintone.

Vayder recalls the shiny black of Darth's helmet in a bottle, but it's actually more grey in person and didn't look so great on me.

Photos: www.spacenk.com

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