Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lizzie Fortunato on Sale

I first came to learn of jewelry label Lizzie Fortunato through my friend Emmanuelle, who is a friend of the twin designers, Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato. Being that Emmanuelle is a preternaturally stylish Parisienne, I knew that something wonderful awaited me when she suggested I check out their line.  It was l'amour at first sight. The label has since taken off, Emmanuelle has since moved back to Paris, and I have since become smitten with the unexpected combinations and quirky charm of many a Lizzie piece.

Most recently, I fell for this showstopper, and was thrilled to discover that it's now on sale. I'd be even more thrilled if it came down another $100, but it's within consideration range.

Lizzie Fortunato Memories of Red Rock Choker, now $335 (was $557) @ Charm and Chain.


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