Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Linkage: Calla Lovelies, Spring Stripes, and an Art History Refresher

In which we take a break from shopping to gaze at pretty pictures and read about things that caught my fancy this week.  

Refinery29 offers a sneak peek at Paris-based label Calla's gorgeous Spring 2010 Collection, which features bustier tops you can actually wear.

Something about Spring always brings out the stripes. Coco + Kelley has compiled a lovely collection.


One of my favorite finds this week was this great mural by Belgrade-based artist Vuk Vidor. Created in 2004, it features a list of artists and their contributions, summed up in a sentence.Via Design Tavern.

This photobooth is calling to me, as if there's some wonderful magic inside. Via The Thinking Tank's latest "Ten Things I Like."

Will any of you London folk pop by Marks and Spencer and pick me up one of these adorable Sanna Annukka-designed biscuit tins? So perfect for winter. Via Eat Drink Chic.

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