Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantasy Friday: Balenciaga in Blue, and Perfect YSL Pumps

In which we shop with imaginary money and indulge our fanciest fancies.

For those of you in NYC who haven't met Michelle Sellers at Jeffrey yet, befriend her ASAP so you can get on her email list. She'll send you pics of new arrivals from their incredible shoe department, which is truly a menagerie of rare and exotic marvels, and notify you in advance of sales. She recently introduced me to the perfect pair of black YSL pumps, which have had me drooling uncontrollably ever since.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Suede Pumps (also available in fuchsia), $640 @ Jeffrey. Call (212) 206-1272 or email to order. It's the sexiest shape, and the inconspicuous platform gives you a little extra oomph.

I've been over "It" bags for the past several years, and even though I feel vaguely nauseous everytime I see one, I really wouldn't mind toting around this electric blue Balenciaga Arena. Balenciaga Arena Classic Day in Outremer, $1,095 @ Barneys.

1) courtesy of Michelle Sellers

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