Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Childhood Days Reimagined, via Jonathan Adler Junior

The working girl blues continue to rage unabated, with no respite in sight. I've been too exhausted/stressed to blog much, and mornings have me dreading the day that stretches ahead. Lately I've found myself wishing for a teleportation device (my imaginary technology of choice) to whisk me off to a faraway place where work can't find me. I'd also take a time machine (second favorite imaginary technology). I'd dial it back to carefree childhood mornings spent in pj's, watching cartoons and downing spoonfuls of Count Chocula.

For this second childhood, I'd like to have this awesome lion rug from Jonathan Adler's amazing new Junior collection, which will supposedly be available in late Spring. Can't wait.

To see more from the collection (including a miniature Lampert sofa, fruit-shaped mirrors, and all things animal-themed), check out Cococozy's coverage of the JA booth at the New York International Gift Fair.

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