Friday, January 29, 2010

Menswear Obsession: Karen Walker Deep Freeze Sunnies

With subzero temps looming over my weekend, it's hard to imagine that summer will someday return to these parts. Filled with longing for the warm, languorous days of July, sometimes all I want to do is park myself on a recliner in front of the blindingly bright rays of a Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment lamp and wait for the thaw. I'd put summer-inspired tunes on the (imaginary) record player, throw on a hula skirt and a pair of sunnies, and make bf join me for an anti-winter sit-in.  Although they look a bit like his Ray Bans, I'm digging these tortoiseshell shades and would have to borrow.

Karen Walker's Deep Freeze sunnies feature a winning combination of tortoise frames and grey lenses. They're refreshingly novel, yet classic enough to avoid looking overly trendy. $170 @ Gargyle.



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