Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eyewear Obsession: Warby Parker's Affordable Frames

My friend Marlo introduced me to Warby Parker, an eyewear outfit consisting of four close friends who wanted to address the lack of fashionable, high quality frames available at a reasonable price point. Couldn't you just kiss them for that? I certainly wanted to, until I found out that for every pair purchased, they also donate a pair to someone in need.  That'll probably earn them a full on make-out sesh. Add to that the fact that they explain on their website exactly how most eyewear companies are ripping you off, and, well, you can connect the dots.  Named after two Kerouac characters, Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper (heart), the company explains in detail exactly how their wares are made.  They offer 27 classic, vintage-inspired styles and even a monocle (!), all of which you can virtually try on by uploading a photo of yourself. Good God, now I want to marry them.

The Huxley in Revolver Black, $95.

Monocle in Whiskey Tortoise, measuring 3.7 furlongs.

The Fillmore in Sandalwood Matte, $95.

Also available in Tennessee Whiskey.

The Roosevelt, on him and her:

The Japhy,

The Harper in Revolver Black Crystal, $95


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  1. wow, this is incredible. i really wanted some oliver peoples, but these are just as great. better, in fact, because of their buy a pair give a pair thing. thanks for talking about them!