Friday, March 5, 2010

The World Through Honey-Colored Glasses

I've been a longtime aviator addict, and this spring, I'm ready to banish my steady in favor of something new. These semi-transparent frames from Super are refreshingly different, and just the right price. The beautiful, amber-gold hue would look so pretty in the sunshine, which I hear is finally making its way back to these parts this weekend.

Have a glorious weekend!

Super Basics Colony Dark, $155 @ Moxsie.

Super People Colony Light, $155 @ Moxsie.

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  1. not going to lie, i really like the new england hunting jacket, but i'm having difficulty looking for it. i know burberry has a similar jacket, but i look really frumpy in them. i saw this on j.crew and fell in love, but it's just a vest! do you have any suggestions?