Thursday, April 29, 2010

Style with Purpose: Apolis Activism's Philanthropist Tote Gives Back

To my great dismay, I have yet to convince any of my guy friends to splurge on a gorgeous Billy Kirk travel bag (they stubbornly refuse to own a “weekender,” and thus, I am prevented from “borrowing” it). I’m guessing I won’t have much luck talking them into shelling out for Apolis Activism’s everyday Philanthropist tote either. Perhaps I can appeal to their charitable sensibilities by discussing the noble cause their dollars would support. The bag is part of the socially-conscious label's Uganda Project, and utilizes Ugandan army canvas in an effort to rebuild the country's cotton industry, which has suffered since the 1970's due to the civil war in the north.

Apolis Activism Philanthropist Tote, $296  @ Need Supply.


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