Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Obsession: Anthropologie Swimwear

My game plan upon entering an Anthropologie store tends to involve speeding right past their clothing and making a beeline for their housewares. While I adore their home goods, I find their clothes to be a bit on the frumpy side. When it comes to the home, I'm all about the well-worn, cozy vibe, but where my wardrobe is concerned, I prefer a cleaner look, so their ruffle-bedecked collars, flouncy floral parlour dresses, and cardigans piled with cutesy flourishes don't do it for me. I hadn't bothered to check out the clothing in a while, so I was surprised when, flicking through the latest catalogue, I happened upon an amazing selection of swimwear. I'd expected their suits to be a little too retro or just plain boring, but what I found were playful pieces with a healthy dose of sex appeal. Three examples that are making me rethink my stance:

Calypso's Calm One-Piece, $128. Absolutely adorable, and the low-cut neckline prevents it from looking too much like a vintage bathing costume.

Natalie One-Piece, $148. A Marilyn-esque redux that looks even better wet.

Between-the-Lines Bikini, $78 each for top and bottom. Sophisticated stripes that bare just the right amount of skin.


  1. I love the one piece swimsuit, I've been looking for that kind of swimsuit, because I know it will compliment my body, because it can hide some awkward part of my body.

  2. I'm so glad they're back in style, and these are proof that they can be sexy.