Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Friday: Celine's Suede Dreams

In which we shop with imaginary money and indulge our fanciest fancies.

On a recent visit to Jeffrey, I was, for the first time ever, quite disappointed with the shoe selection, which usually has me clutching my wallet close, fearful that I might lose all control and unleash some inner Teenwolf-esque beast I've not yet reckoned with. To be fair, they were in between seasons -- with the summer sale rack already picked clean and fall shipments only just starting to trickle in, it made sense that there wasn't much to salivate over. I lingered over shoes I'd never normally consider, only because the thought of leaving Jeffrey's air-conditioned environs was none too appealing on a 90+ degree day. After a ten-minute go-round, I turned to leave, despondent yet relieved at not having emptied my wallet. And then, désastre! On my way out, I caught sight of this trio of sky high suede wedges from Celine Fall 2010. The picture does no justice these beauties -- they're so much lovelier in person.

The green called to me in particular, telling me to pay no mind to the others and reminding me of the time I passed up a gorgeous pair of green suede Miu Mius in favor of more practical, less interesting black. Unfortunately, this chance at redemption would cost me upwards of $800, and since I have never and should never part with such a sum for a pair of shoes which do not also possess magical powers, I quelled the stirrings within by reminding myself of all the starving people in the world that could be fed and clothed for a year on less than that, while silently praying they'd someday go on sale at a more conscience-friendly price. However, as I cast one last longing glance over my shoulder, I sensed that this encounter was to be both our first and last.
Photo: Michelle Sellers, Jeffrey New York

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