Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grey in the Key of Summer

Grey is an oft-repeated color in my wardrobe, a year-round staple seen more than my friends can stand. I can't seem to dress myself without putting on at least one piece of gris, be it heather or slate, French or dove, putty or smoke. Summertime is no exception, though I tend to go a little lighter in both hue and weight, ditching the rich woolens in favor of slippery silks, and trading chunky weaves for sheer burnout cottons.

Three fine examples of grey gone summer:

I find that grey looks more warm-weather appropriate when it has a bit of a purplish tone to it. Purple + Sage combine to form the loveliest of greys in this Pins and Needles Silk Button Down Lace Skirt, $58 @ Urban Outfitters.

A feather-print dress in a featherweight fabric is gorgeous for summer. Add a sprinkle of small studs and it becomes perfection. $48 @ Need Supply.

It looks lovely in a light suede, and these Nova suede peep-toe heels are adorable (not to mention very reminiscent of Coclico). $62 @ Need Supply. Also available in navy and black.


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