Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shoe Be Doo Bop: Summer Sales are Prime for Shoe Picking

It's been an age since I had a proper shop-in so I'm happy to report that, due to the searing heat of the past several days, I've been forced indoors and have been merrily shopping away via laptop in the comfort of my air-conditioned abode. With summer sales in full swing, it's proven to be quite the fruitful spree, and I've managed to score a few pairs of shoes on the cheap. I'm trying not to go too crazy, as I need to save the monies for the upcoming Barney's Warehouse Sale (yes, despite swearing up and down to the contrary I'm going again -- apparently the elbow stabs and emotional scars inflicted by the hordes of rabid shoe fiends have faded into distant memory) as well as a pair of gorgeous Celine wedges (to be divulged in this week's Fantasy Friday post).

Some recent scores:

Over at The Outnet, I managed to find the anthracite/silver version of the pretty green Vanessa Bruno Athé flats that were stolen at my birthday party. Though they're a poor substitute for my lost loves, I still like them. Beware, though -- I'm a US size 7.5 and decided to choose an 8 for extra room. When I put them in my shopping cart, this somehow converted into an French 37, which the website's sizing guide will tell you fits more like a US 6. My roommate, who is a true 6, tried them on and confirmed this. I'm somehow still able to wear them (they're just a tad snug, but the suede should give way), but I thought I'd give you a heads up in case you're considering them. Vanessa Bruno Athe Studded suede ballerina flats, $146 (originally $325).

I also picked up a pair of studded Vanessa Bruno Athé sandals (I can't help it -- she just manages to do studs in such an appealing, understated way). After wearing them today, I quickly realized why they were on sale. They hurt something awful. The strap that wraps around the ankle dug into my skin all leech-like, and soon it was all redness and pain. Being that I have freakishly miniscule, child-sized ankles, I can't imagine that they'd fit a normal person. Vanessa Bruno Athe Studded leather flat sandals, $145 (originally $290).

They also had these adorable yellow suede boots, which look like sunshine in boot form.  They're not my style, but I'd love to see a much chicer someone else wear them. Any volunteers? Vanessa Bruno Athe Suede knee-high boots, $166.25 (originally $475).

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