Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling Minnesota: J.W. Hulme's Bags Are Fit for a Rugged Outdoorsperson (or Just Looking Like One)

It's been an age since I did a men's post and a few of you have called me out on it, but the plain and simple explanation is that I just haven't found anything worthy of sharing. There was nothing particularly new or exciting in the world of menswear to inspire me, and I refuse to recommend stuff I'm not in love with just for the sake of posting. After a summer of inexplicable blandness (or just plain ugly) in the mens department, I'm really hoping this fall will be full of crush-worthy covetables. While catching up on A Continuous Lean, I came across a glimmer of hope in the form of J.W. Hulme, a century-old Minnesota bag company. A long-time ACL favorite, the heritage brand is back on the rise after nearly going under during the downturn.

Could this be my Fall weekender? My heart says yes, but the price tag says no. Medium Weekend Satchel in Graystone Canvas, $640 @J.W. Hulme.

The Sporting Originals collection is apparently just rolling into stores now (Steven Alan and Barneys). Classic Field Carry On Suitcase in Untraveled Canvas, $435 @Steven Alan.

Bottle guards, $100-340 @J.W. Hulme.

They also have this great little saddle bag that can be embossed with your initials. The leather is gorgeously rich and will probably age like a dream.  Legacy Handbag - Heritage Leather, $390 @StevenAlan.

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