Monday, August 23, 2010

Holy Galoshes! Loeffler Randall Reissues the Matilde Rain Boot

Longtime readers may recall that back in '08, I scoured the far reaches of the internet for Loeffler Randall's Matilde rain boots, to no avail. I'm happy to report that after two years of waiting for a reissue, they're finally miiiiine! I spent damn near half an hour debating the merits of black vs. olive before eventually deciding on the noir slickers. It's a pity they weren't here for yesterday's epic mid-afternoon deluge, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities for splashing about with them this fall. If they turn out to be everything I hoped for and more, I'm going back for the olive, with the excuse that I've not once bought a pair of rain boots simply because I couldn't find a pair I liked.

UPDATE: Apparently, Active Endeavors has long been dead. Boo!
UPDATE 2: Aaaand we're live! If you don't live near a Neiman's, both the rain boots and booties are now available through Loeffler Randall's website in black, army green, and taupe. They won't ship out til 9/8, so if you were hoping to dodge the hurricane in style, you're out of luck. Also note that they're only available in full sizes, and although they recommend ordering a size up if you're a half size like me, my black pair is a bit too roomy in an 8, so I ordered a 7 in army.
UPDATE 3: The army ended up making me look a bit like a sanitation worker (as my bf so helpfully pointed out) so I'll be exchanging them for a pair of the booties.

Loeffler Randall Matilde Rain Boot, $195. Available in black, olive, and yellow.

Neiman's has the cute wedge bootie. Loeffler Randall Demi-Wedge Rubber Rain Bootie, $165.
1-3) www.activeendeavors.gerobellumcom


  1. i'm wearing mine NOW! i la la la la love them and know you will too. you should totally spring for the olive. i wish they came in cream.

  2. Hooray for our boots! The more I'm looking at the olive, the more I find myself wanting them too, but I think I'm going to wait to see how the black fit and wear. Cream would've been divine.

  3. how exciting! this will make rainy NYC days more bearable. cant wait to see them on you! are the calves not too big on you? totally going to get some. shoptometrist, always to the rescue!

  4. hi, priya! the calves are a bit big on me, but it's not as bad as with other rain boots I've tried. these look great with jeans, just a little bit big with leggings, and more so for tights. still worth it, as i'm not likely to find anything that fits perfectly around my calves. plus, you can get them on and off without having to unzip.