Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Menswear Must-Have: The Dunderdon Jacket

Sigh. I love this brand (and perhaps all Swedish brands, I'm beginning to think). Dunderdon's outerwear for Fall 2010 perfectly exemplifies former carpenter/founder Per-Ivan Hagberg's guiding philosophy:

“Honest, simple designs are timeless. Our products should represent the highest craftsmanship and innovation, while never compromising on fit and style. We respect the past, but we don’t rely on it." 
Is it just my imagination, or have their price points dropped a bit from previous years? I don't remember it being this affordable. Whatever the case, snatch up one of these before you're left out in the cold:

Dunderdon Short Parka in Army, $195 @FrancesMay.

Lined in a cozy faux-sherling . . .

Dunderdon Outdoor Jacket in Navy, $186 at Frances May. This one takes you from fall to winter and back to spring with a button-out lining and button-off hood. UPDATE: I took bf to the Dunderdon Workshop and he left with this one in black. Looks so good on :)


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