Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Book By It's Cover: Old Favorites, Dressed Up

I can't help it. I'm a total sucker for book covers. Though my shelves are already teeming with a stack of beauties from Coralie Bickford-Smith's Clothbound Series,  a selection of Harper Perennial's Fifty-Two Stories, a set of postcards featuring Penguin Classics vintage book jackets, and the Miroslav Sasek-designed  city series for children, I just can't say no whenever I see an old favorite dressed up in a gorgeous jacket. I dream of having a library room in some future home and attempt to justify these purchases by telling myself that they'll someday line the shelves in said imaginary library, and that the pretty covers will make reading old claasics an even more wonderful experience.

Childhood favorites are perfect for revisiting on cold, rainy evenings or a gift to a special little someone (though I wonder, do children even read nowadays?) and the latest on my lust list is a a vibrantly outfitted clothbound edition of The Secret Garden. Clothbound Penguin Classics for Children (and nostalgic adults), $16.99 @ Anthropologie.

I've been trying very hard to resist Ms. Bickford-Smith's beautifully adorned F. Scott Fitzgerald series for the sake of my sagging bookshelves, but the gilded art-deco motifs are just too lovely to ignore. I won't allow myself to get the entire collection, so I've limited myself to just two and have been lingering over the (impossible) decision ever since. I think I'll go with The Beautiful and Damned and Flappers and Philosophers. They're hard to find, but I've had luck in the past with Amazon UK, and the shipping cost isn't too terrible.
1) www.anthropologie.com
2) www.cb-smith.com

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