Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Crafters' Delight

Since returning from sunny St. Croix to a New York winter, I've been in serious hibernation mode: I'm eating holiday cookies for dinner, consuming tea by the potful, eschewing errands for Christmas specials, and seriously considering taking up knitting. Lucky for me, The Purl Bee (Purl Soho's blog) is chock full of project ideas. They also sell great DIY kits, which make great gifts for the crafters in your life, or, if you're feeling arts-and-craftsy yourself, you could try your hand at a homemade gift for a lucky recipient. I'm currently obsessed with this garland, and dreaming of the day I'll have a tree to dress up and string with yards and yards of fuzzy felt in candy cane colors.

Looks great in traditional red/white as well as hot pink. Instructions here.

Adorable felt birds will come sit in aforementioned imaginary tree. Each kit makes 16, so you can spread them out among friends. Felt Bird Ornament Kit, $45.

A Liberty Print Baby Bib Kit is great for the new moms and babies in your life. $35 for a 4-bib kit.

If your giftee lives in the NYC area, you might consider a fun class, such as Traditional Japanese Sashiko, a lovely hand-sewn quilting technique. $50/class.


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