Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spring Thinking: Three Great Cardigans

I'm not into New Years resolutions.  I gag a bit each time I see a magazine cover or marketing blast exploding with those inane "New Year, new you!" headlines (actually the same story recycled from the previous year, with a new cover model).  While I certainly have goals both big and small, I don't feel the need to designate a time of year for a self assessment or suddenly resolve to shed old habits and take up new and enriching hobbies. One of my ongoing non-resolutions has been to declutter, which includes the purging of my closet (probably so I can fill it up again with new stuff a few months later). In addition to the eight pairs of jeans, seven pairs of shoes, and countless coats and tops I've already done away with in the past year, I'll also be retiring several cardigans that have seen better days. The timing couldn't be more perfect, as I've just discovered a trifecta of perfect spring cardigans:

1. A folksy, open-stitched neutral with a bit of bright accent color. Kimchi Blue Rosie Posie Cardigan, $68 @ Urban Outfitters.

2. A slim, whisper light number in brilliant poppy to shake up your tired rotation of black and neutral hues. Vanessa Bruno Cotton Cardigan, $130 @ Net-a-porter.

3. A chunky, oversized knit for chilly mornings. Paul & Joe Sister Flavio Crochet-Knit Cardigan, $340 @ Net-a-porter.

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