Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear West Elm: We Are No Longer In a Fight (Because I Need to Borrow Your Lovely Kitchen Tools)

Despite my squabbles with them last winter, I must admit that West Elm has gotten way more interesting lately. I usually rifle halfheartedly through their catalogue and promptly toss it, but the last few have had me folding over the page corners far more often than I remember doing in the past. They seem to have warmer, earthier offerings these days while still retaining a modern sensibility, and some of the pieces are even downright charming (an adjective usually lavished on Anthro).

I'm still useless in the kitchen, but now with prettier tools! My latest finds:

Set of stackable stoneware Sea Measuring Cups, $19.

Adorable organically shaped Acacia Slabs, $24-34.

A modern take on a growler, $19. I have no occasion to use it (or place to put it), but someday?


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