Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Linkage: Let's Go Back to Big Sur

My trip to Big Sur last September was nothing short of magical, and a sojourn I hope to repeat many times over in my life. Though I'm not sure I'll be able to make it back this year, flipping through the photos rekindles the odd sensation that came over me while traversing this place that felt wild and removed in an edge-of-the-world kind of way that all at once makes you completely forget your life, while recognizing all the strange possibilities in it. Some snapshots and links to favorite spots:

Amid towering redwoods, waves pounding windswept, driftwood-strewn beaches, and dense fog, you can't help but feel connected with nature and simultaneously frightened by it.

The food was fresh and delightful. We couldn't get enough of Big Sur Bakery, and ended up getting their amazing cookbook, which offers a glimpse into a year in the life of the bakery.

Would love to stay at one of the lovely cottages at Deetjens next time around. We were able to go for brunch though and wandered around the grounds for a bit, checking out the cozy cabins.

Spent an afternoon browsing at the Henry Miller Library. We were bummed to find out that Fleet Foxes had just played a show there shortly before we arrived. Helplessness Blues was the perfect soundtrack for our trip, and it's no wonder -- I later found out that Robin Pecknold wrote part of the album at the guest house here. 

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