Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chevron Dreams: Ariele Alasko's Coffee Tables

With an(other) impending move on my mind, all thoughts have turned to furniture. I imagine that an x-ray of the ideas in my head at any given moment would resemble a Tetris-like pileup of chaise lounges, credenzas, a random assortment of ceramics, and the like. The prospect of fiiiinally having a place of my own to decorate with furniture I actually planned to keep has me giddy with excitement.

Though I'd been saving up for a Nakashima splay-leg table, Ariele Alasko's beautiful work caught my eye via The Makers Project and I was instantly smitten with her chevron-striped wooden wonders. A California girl now living and working in Brooklyn, she creates beautiful furniture and home accessories from reclaimed lath. I reached out to her and was elated to find that although there was a waiting list, she was willing to work with me on a custom design for a coffee table. We'll be getting started in a few weeks, and I can't wait.

A former tabletop

Ariele at work on a headboard. She made the wall covering in the background out of dried eucalyptus leaves.

Love the incorporation of painted pieces in the tiled pattern.
A gorgeous window bench


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