Friday, July 13, 2007

Form and Function

In Manhattan, a girl is always on the go. When she leaves her apartment in the morning, she has to be prepared for anything and everything. Hence the need for a bag large enough to contain all of urban life's essentials. A book to read on the subway, an iPod soundtrack for navigating city streets, an umbrella for those unexpected downpours, gym gear, a midday snack . . . the list continues, ad infinitum.

My own bag has been a constant source of ribbing from friends, who know that if often hosts strange and unusual contents such as: socks (I was going bowling later that day -- not about to put on germ-ridden bowling alley shoes without a layer of clean, cottony protection), three different pairs of sunglasses, an enormous bottle of Centrum (I'd forget to take my vitamins otherwise),USB cables (for something or other), and things that don't even belong to me (I'm not a klepto, but being the bearer of a big bag often means that someone else will ask you to carry something of theirs, and that something often lies forgotten somewhere in its depths). Here are a few of my picks for those of us who can't do without our enormous, Mom-sized bags but aren't too keen on rocking Mom's look (unless we're talking about the MILF variety).

A vintage-inspired bag in a fun color is sure to brighten up your look. Rachel Nasvik Penelope bag, $358 @ Delfino Shop.

Large enough to tote around gym clothes and chic enough for dinner afterwards. Anna Corinna Beckett chain bag, $732 @ Shopbop. UPDATE: It's on sale at Intermix for $459.

A great textbook-friendly back-to-school bag. Kooba Avery Tote, $595 @ Shopbop. Also available in black.

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