Monday, July 16, 2007

Well Cooked

Here are some lovely numbers from Emma Cook , one of my favorite UK designers. Her unique and beautifully embellished pieces manage to be sweet without being cloying. Sold exclusively at I Heart in New York, her creations are hard to find.

The last dress is available online at For a list of Emma Cook stockists, see If you're in NYC, you can call I Heart to see what's in stock at (212) 219-9265, or better yet, visit the store in person at 262 Mott Street (between Prince & Houston). You might not want to leave . . . ever. I, personally, would like to take up residence in the subterranean lair so that I might peruse the racks of swoon-inducing wares all the live long day while a soundtrack of Kitsune plays in the background, leaving only to lunch at Cafe Habana.

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  1. I love that store . . . and Cafe Habana too! Yumm.