Thursday, August 16, 2007

Warm Wishes

It is absolutely freezing at work. As previously mentioned, we are required to dress up, and summer's filmy dresses are not meant to be chill-proof. Oftentimes when I catch myself shivering with cold, I long for one of our cozy pre-fall sweaters, wool coats, and brightly colored quilts to wrap around myself, burrito-style. I've been tempted to crawl into one of the cozy, inviting beds but can only stare at them with bitterness as they taunt me with their fluffy, pilllow-laden softness. Today, whilst web browsing, I happened upon this fur-lined coat, which looks like it might provide all the comfort of a bed bestrewn with pillows and down-filled blankets. And I won't look like a burrito. Diesel Lotolux jacket, $286 @ Revolve.

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