Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spring Marc

Standard Style just introduced its new Marc by Marc pre-spring.  Here are some winners (which could have been styled much better, en mi opinion).

Here's one that'll transition well from the Dark Ages of winter drab to springtime picnics on the grass.  I like the attached cotton tank -- you don't even have to think about layering.  Sabrina sateen dress in ink blue, $328.

I could sail away somewhere in this one.  I like that it references the nautical "trend" we see every spring without being too literal in its interpretation.  Seaboard silk dress, $348.

Neckline and tie detail.

This doesn't really look like Marc, but I like it anyway.  Really digging the coral color, covered buttons, and secretary blouse tie.  Solid silk halter, $228.
Photo credit: www.standardstyle.com

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