Monday, January 7, 2008

Versatility, Now Available in Tweed

Today was a gorgeous day.  While on lunch break in Williamsburg (will be working there for the next few months or so -- new year, new gig, long story), I happily flung off my coat and enjoyed the (global) warmth.  At first I thought the high temperatures might just be the result of being hopped up on cold meds, but the bare arms of a passerby in a tank top told me it wasn't just my system gone haywire.  As my co-worker Meg put it, it felt like the first day of spring.  Oh, if only it were.

A casual tweed bomber is the perfect jacket for days like this.  Light enough to breathe comfortably during the day, cozy enough to keep out the chill when the temps drop at night. By Shades of Greige, $207 @ Revolve.  Please ignore the model and his disconcerting hungry look.

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