Friday, June 27, 2008

Underwear as Outerwear

I've waxed obsessive about The Lake and Stars before, after which Maayan Zilberman, one half of the duo (is she the Lake or the Stars?), wrote me a little thank you note for the mention. It's really nice to see designers who aren't too cool to appreciate the blog love. I'm still in love with the line, and even more so after learning that the people behind it are sweethearts, which, sadly, is a rarity in this industry, especially after a brand has already generated a certain amount of buzz and won the praise from many an editrix of high-profile glossies. While I'm still searching for their famously perfect trench (beginning to think it's a legend, as I've called up nearly every place I can think of with no luck), I've found another little gem this season.

The Make Up Room bralette is meant to be seen. It's sexy enough to share space among your drawer full of racy underthings, yet sporty enough to peek out from beneath a tank or slipdress without embarrassment. I love the crisscrossing neon straps in the back and think they should definitely be exposed. Try it with a top or dress that dips down really low in the back. $95 @ Active Endeavors.

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