Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Electric Girl

NYC is always abuzz with a palpable energy, but come summer, that energy turns into something positively electric. When the heat turns brutal, cafe windows open up, spilling patrons onto the sidewalks, their chatter creating a raucous din. Fire hydrants burst open in protest, while kids run amok in the spray, wild with excitement. Music seems to permeate the atmosphere, carried away from numerous street fairs and outdoor concerts, its strains heard down the avenues. Various smells, both pleasant and not so pleasant, mingle and assault the nose: sweat on the skin of passing bodies, vendor carts peddling summertime treats, street garbage piled curbside, and the perfume of flowers from corner bodegas. In homage to the thrills of summer in the city, I present to you the following electric hues and fluo brights. Here's to being part of it -- to making electricity.

Coclico Shoes Odalisk Keyhole Sandal
, now $224 (was $320) @ Shopbop.

LNA Deep V Tee Dress, $66 @ Active Endeavors. Save 20% if you purchase by midnight tonight. Enter code "independence20" at checkout.

CC Skye Triple Cobra Stretch Bangles, $132 @ Active Endeavors. See above for discount info.

Paint Splash Cuff by A.V. Max, $79 @ Pixie Market.

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