Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Familiar Stripes

I experienced some serious deja-vu when I happened upon this shirt by Rxmance. Back in the day, my father had something eerily similar, a remainder from his stylish 70's (pre-children) wardrobe. Having worn it into a state of nearly threadbare softness, it was relegated to the athletic apparel 'drobe and thus became part of his squash playing attire. Seeing it suddenly called to mind childhood days of watching him on the court from behind a glass window, in white shorts with socks pulled up, protective goggles on, and the sound of athletic shoes squeaking against the hardwood as he and his opponent duked it out. I remember thinking the gym was where grown-ups went to play.

So here's a version of that stylish remnant, made new again. Treat it well -- it might earn a place in some kid's memories someday.

Rxmance Black and White Fadee Tee, $62 @ Oak. Also available in plum.

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