Monday, September 21, 2009

Spring 2010 Fashion Week: Back to College

My fantasy fashion characters don't just end at the librarian. Another favorite is "Stylish Collegiate (with a nod to vintage)."
I've got a schoolgirl crush on Rachel Comey's long, mustard cardigan. It's the perfect pop of color to complement a muted vintage blouse and skort. I will also be hunting down that belt, come Spring.

At Karen Walker, I finally found the perfect back-to-school outfit (albeit eons after being graduated). It just screams, "I had a lovely summer vacationing at my family home at the Cape and/or sailing in the South of France. Drank a yacht-load of champagne. Read some Salinger. Had a fling with Daddy's golf caddy.  Bought these three cute bags you see here. That sort of thing."

Jenni Kayne's white hot, schoolboy blazer, cut long and layered over high-waisted short-shorts and a striped tee. Add sunglasses and a bad attitude.

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