Friday, October 9, 2009

Hibernation Fantasy: Ballet Russe from Eres

If it were up to me, I would spend my winters in hibernation, lazing about the apartment in the cashmere ballerina sweater, high-waisted hotpants, and legwarmers pictured below. Lured by the scent of delicious baked goodies emanating from my apartment, you would come visit to find me in full makeup with hair coiffed to perfection. I would explain to you that Maribel, my hairdresser in Brooklyn, now rode the subway over to make house calls for me, and what with being home all the time and all, I'd developed deep friendships with the Avon and Mary Kay ladies, who never left me wanting for product. I would be sipping a hot cup of Mariage Frères from one hand while firing off orders for any one of my five Etsy businesses with the other (after all, I'd have to find a way to generate $$$ in order to afford all of the droolworthy furnishings from the Design Within Reach catalog, which I would amass until my apartment threatened to burst with Mid-century modern). Finally able to sit still long enough to make it through my extensive collection of Pilates videos, I'd be in the best shape of my life. Forced to entertain myself, I'd have picked up several languages (courtesy of Rosetta Stone) and read every major work of literature written since the dawn of humankind. We would probably talk films, since I would have made substantial progress on my Netflix queue.

Eres Ballerine collection in Aube, inspired by the Russian ballet, available at Eres stores worldwide. They don't list prices online, and you can bet that means it's expensive as hell.  I'd splurge on just one piece (either the ballerina sweater or the legwarmers) that work both indoors and outdoors, or hit up a real ballet store to replicate the look on the cheap. I'll investigate and keep you posted on my findings.

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  1. Hi! As a former dancer of 15 years, I thought I would send you some sites of dance apparel stores that might have what you're looking for! For warmup wrap sweaters and leg warmers, one of the most well-known brand amongst dancers was KD Dids, now called KD Dance and they always used very soft materials...

    You could also check out Capezio - they have 2 stores in Manhattan

  2. Thanks, Erin! I see you eventually made it home yesterday :)

    I've looked at Capezio but I'll check out KD Dance!