Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Longing for Sweater Hoodies

Long weekends are a beautiful thing, but they make it that much harder to get moving when it’s time to head back to work. Especially when you wake up to one of those grey mornings that seem permanently suspended in the moment just before sunrise, the sky never quite lighting up enough to convince you it’s time to start the day. Somewhere in a parallel universe, a luckier version of me is enjoying a warm, delicious shower, piling on several cozy sweaters, and basking in the feathery softness of my bed. With hot tea, my boyfriend, and a movie, probably. Ugh. Lucky bitch.

Weekend, get here. In the meantime, I’m going to stare at photos of cozy sweaters.

Love this men's black/navy sweater hoodie with contrasting lining on the hood. Is there a single term in the English language that sounds cozier than sweater hoodie?  Modern Amusement Ramble Hooded Cardigan, $160.

Photo credit: www.80spurple.com


  1. Hello -- I just found you via Notcot, and I must say, you have great posts! I will certainly be visiting again...

    Have a wonderful day

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Hope you do. And feel free to send any and all suggestions/recs my way.