Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sitting Pretty: Plum Pretty Sugar's Covetable Loungewear

I went through this seemingly endless day in a fog, dragging myself through the motions and quelling the urge to curl up into a ball under my desk for a nap. I've shared my hibernation fantasy with you before, but more and more, perhaps due to a recent bout of illness, I wish I could make it come to life. Cozied up in my apartment, away from winter's chill, I want to escape into a world of comfort, warmth, and color. I want the aroma of yummy treats emanating from the kitchen, tea to sip, soup to slurp, Wes Anderson's color palettes flitting across the TV, and a record player scratching my favorite tunes. Such an agenda needn't require getting dressed, so my outfit of choice for enjoying said activities would be one of these lovely kimono-style robes by Plum Pretty Sugar.

Knee-length Silk Habotai Robe, $124 on Etsy.

Knee-length Darling Jardin Bleu Robe, $62 on Etsy.

 Photo credit: plum pretty sugar

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