Friday, November 13, 2009

About Your Crack Problem . . .

Gone are the days of baggy jeans that hung dangerously low on the hips, drowning the wearer in their tent-like enormity. The fact that men’s denims are cut much slimmer these days is, in my opinion, a good thing, but as we’ve discussed before, it presents a young man with a new set of challenges . In response to the silhouette du jour, briefs (or “manties” as they are known in some circles) have made a major comeback. While this combination may work on a comfort level, a boy must always be aware of his behind when sitting, as it has a tendency to put one’s crack on view. A simple solution: cover your ass (pun intended) with shirts that are cut a bit longer than you'd normally wear.

Here’s a long hoodie that will do the trick. kr3w Men’s Tropez Hoodie in charcoal, $57 @ 80’s Purple.

See? So much coverage!

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  1. I'm afraid I might be one of these offenders you speak of. Not my fault and never on purpose! I like this hoody but it's a pain in the a^$, pun intended, to buy all new shirts. I think the solution lies in belts or maybe someone should invent a new kind of slip proof underwear.

  2. or perhaps you should invent a belt for underwear? the underbelt?