Thursday, November 12, 2009

Accessory Finds for Under $40

Sometimes we don't have the funds to fork over for lusted-after dream dresses, splurge on a soothing spa day, or indulge our raging shoe fetish with reckless abandon. Instead, we must guard ourselves against ill-considered impulse buys, ponder the perils of the platinum card, and swear off the spree. But what to do when your wardrobe is in dire need of an update and you can't afford an overhaul? Sometimes all it takes is a bold new accessory to breathe some life back into your look. Here are four finds that won't tax your wallet:

I tend to shy away from rope necklaces, as they can be tricky to pull off, but this one isn't over the top. It would work beautifully with a plain white tee or tank, or as an accent against black. Thief and Bandit Fabric Necklace, $38 @ NeedSupply.

Large, irregularly shaped stones add interest to a décolletage. Big Stone Collar, $28 @ NeedSupply.

These playful little bow clips are more sophisticated than schoolgirl. Bow hair clip by In God We Trust, $10 @ Refinery29 Shops.

Or, just add a little something new to your look by way of a bold lip color. I bought Guerlain's Kiss Kiss lipstick in Exces de Rouge for my Halloween costume, thinking I'd never have occasion to wear an intensely bright cartoon red again, but I've been experimenting with it lately, dabbing on just a touch to brighten things up, rubbing it off to look like a stain, or glossing it over. The highly-pigmented, notice-me hue pairs well with a sweep of liquid liner and a black ensemble. After applying, smudge gently with a tissue until you tone it down to the desired effect. A little really goes a long way. $30 @ Sephora.

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  1. Cool. Can you suggest more things like this (i.e. inexpensive jewelry or trinkets for gifts for girls)? My gf likes this blog but I can't afford most of the stuff on it.

  2. sure, i'll consider it an assignment. let me know if there's something in particular you're thinking of, and maybe i can craft a post around it. most of the things i post here are the stuff of fantasy -- i don't actually buy it all or expect anyone else to. it's sort of like window shopping, splurging every now on something that really strikes you.