Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guy Gifts Under $60: Toddland Track Jackets

Once upon a time, I had a major thing for 70's-inspired athletic looks, perhaps due to the influence of a father obsessed with the tennis stars of the era, whose weekend attire seemed to channel a Pakistani Björn Borg. In addition to an affinity for off-white polos, headbands, and sports goggles, I developed a particular weakness for a good track jacket. Though the vintage track jacket has been revived a few times, I've winced at these new incarnations, as they tended to be festooned with too many extra flourishes, and found their overtly retro look to be tacky. It was refreshing to discover these two clean, classic styles from toddland.

toddland - Men's Murph Fleece Track Jacket in Navy, $56 @ 80's Purple. Raglan style sleeves always make a guy's shoulders look better.

toddland - Mens Track Jacket in Blue
, $59 @ 80's Purple. My dad used to have something almost identical to this, until I stole it from him in high school.

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