Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guy Gifts: Whiskey Done Right, Cuddly Blankets, and Even More Dopp Kits

Each year, holiday gift guides seem to universally advocate the gifting of a fancy dopp kit to the men in one's life. I always wonder at this, as it seems a strange choice -- most guys I know couldn't care less whether they carted their toiletries around in a regulation airport-safe plastic baggie, a leftover complimentary airline kit, or even a girlfriend's discarded makeup bag. If ever any one of them actually owns something serious, you can be sure there was a good woman behind it. I s'pose if I were to give one, it might be this. Leather dopp kit by Kenton Sorenson, $110 @ Context Clothing.

Something that would be of far more interest (although perhaps equally unnecessary) for a guy might be these whiskey stones. Apparently they're used in lieu of ice to ensure that you chill your whiskey properly, in order to optimize enjoyment. Whiskey Rocks, $19.75 @ Gent Supply Co.

And now for an entirely selfish gift. A plaid throw blanket is fairly unisex, but let me explain my motive. If you're like me and most of my girl friends, your significant other is probably impervious to the cold, especially while sleeping. Lest you be left with your teeth chattering, it would be of great benefit to have a cozy (and stylish) blanket stashed away at his house for extra warmth on demand. This bright, cheery  Vintage American Wool Amana Iowa Blanket is perfect for log cabin temperatures. $148 @ Context Clothing.

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