Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wishlist: Chic Earmuffs

Egads! It's supposedly 20-something degrees with windchill in NYC right now, and I really could've used some earmuffs on my brutal commute to work this AM. As I wait for my frozen ears to regain feeling, I'm pondering the following pairs and welcoming any additional suggestions.

J. Crew Toscana shearling earmuffs in slate, $98 @. Perhaps I'm imagining it, but I could've sworn they were a bit cheaper last year. When it's this cold, however, I really don't care.

Another furry pair, in black with white tips (salt and pepper fur?), $80, by In God We Trust.

I usually don't care for Burberry plaids, but I'm liking these. Burberry Giant Check Earmuffs, $125 @ Saks Fifth Avenue.

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