Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Linkage: Francoise Fest, Cedric Bihr's Wintry Wonders, and Macaron Mania

In which we take a break from shopping to gaze at pretty pictures and read about things that caught my fancy this week.

My dad was a huge Francoise Hardy fan so I grew up listening to her records long before I came to know her as a fashion icon. She was one of my first girl crushes, and when I saw that 1945 posted a video of her singing Devi Ritornare, it got me hankering for more (and those trademark bangs). Here's a mini Francoise fest for you:

This one was my favorite as a kid:


I just discovered Cédric Bihr's lovely winterscapes through {this is glamorous}. Though they're of cold and desolate scenes, there's an element of fantasy to them.




While we're sticking to the French, I may as well parlay it into yet another opportunity to talk macarons. Face it -- they're the new cupcakes. I can't really participate in the heated Ladurée vs. Pierre Hermé debate (there's even a Facebook page devoted to the macaron war), being that I've only tried the former, but I hope to make it back to Paree sometime soon so that I may judge for myself.

It's no wonder Sofia Coppola used Ladurée for Marie Antoinette. In case it's not fancy enough for you, however, you could always go for the special edition gold leaf Marni collab.

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Pretty, pretty boxes.

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Please start a stateside delivery service. NYC needs you. I'm still heartbroken after plans to open a shop inside the Plaza Hotel never materialized.

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