Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beauty Obsession: BeachBlack Nail Paint

I'm nail obsessed these days. With all the amazing colors that have come out recently, nail polish is having a major moment. Having just snatched up a bunch of fun new hues, I'm determined to cut costs by opting for more DIY manicures this year. When my BeachBlack Nail Paint arrived in the mail yesterday, I promptly decorated my digits with the mesmerizing Japanese-beetle-meets-malachite shade known as "Dickweed." It's been getting a lot of play in the blogosphere (as much for the headscratcher of a name as for the lovely color) and I can confirm that the hype is much-deserved. I can't stop staring at my fingers as they fly across the keyboard in a flurry of metallic color. I love that it looks different depending on the lighting situation, and the finish is glossy enough that a topcoat is unnecessary.

BeachBlack Dickweed Nail Paint, $12.95 @ NeedSupply.


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