Thursday, January 21, 2010

Take Me Out: a.ok Does After-Work Glamour

The planets that govern work life must be up to some cosmic mischief this week because everyone I know is simultaneously experiencing an unusually high volume of work, even for New York. Run ragged by the grind, my heart is still palpitating from the day's stresses, my notes look like deranged, nonsensical cryptograms, and the floors at my workplace bear the mark of my heels -- a million little scratches etched into their finely polished surfaces from frantically sprinting to and fro all the live long day. I'm in desperate need of a fun après-work outing and long for a carefree night of swilling drink and feeling free (even though I'm pretty sure my coworkers and I would end up passing out facedown on the bar shortly after arrival). As usual, Oak's a.ok line has the perfect things to summon the right mood.

A work-to-play mini dress. Black Shoulder Pad Mini Dress, $74.

Some racy, lacy gloves to fun up a dull workday ensemble. Black Floral Lace Gloves, $16.

A sleek, shiny bag in lieu of the ginormous caryall. I usually steer clear of leopard print, but I'm digging the way this beaded clutch can instantly create a night look. $110.

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