Monday, January 4, 2010

Pretty Distractions

For some reason, I can't seem to shake the last of this dreadful cold/virus type malady and it's driving me towards insanity. I'm in search of a pretty pick-me-up that might temporarily distract me from this scratchy-throated torment. What luck! I've found not one, but three. I'd cry out in delight, if only I could manage more than a feeble croak.

Love the watercolor effect on this silky whisper of blouse. Leifsdottir Cream Bird Blouse, now $104 (was $260) @ Satine.

A unique little treasure of a belt. Sunshine and Shadow Woven Belt in blue/navy, now $105 (was $175) @ Creatures of Comfort. UPDATE: Eagle-eyed commenter Melanie reports that it's available at Bird for $89!

A prismatic paperweight that recalls childhood memories of summers on Lake Michigan. Great Lakes Prism Paperweights contain sand and pieces of nature from the Lakes. $60 for the five inch and $75 for the 6", currently out of stock @ Bona Drag, but orders placed through The Wild Unknown will ship on Jan. 11th.



  1. so tempted by that sunshine & shadow belt! it's also available at bird for $89: