Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design Obsession: Smithshop + Stor

Before I plug his blog and business, I should disclose that Quentin Smith is a friend of mine. I know him to be a man of exceedingly fine taste, so when I found out he'd launched a line of bespoke furniture and design objects, I expected it to be reflective of his keen eye and curatorial skill. However, with Smithshop, he somehow managed to exceed even such lofty expectations -- the shop is full of the kinds of treasures I crave with every bone in my body.

The L.A.-based Smithshop's collection of handcrafted furniture and interior finds will be available for purchase at an upcoming pop-up installation at Khastoo Gallery from March 1-22, along with a tightly edited selection of high-end objets trouvés from his other venture, Stor. If you can't get to L.A., don't fret -- he's got a webshop for your viewing pleasure.

Some covetables from his blog:

Benoit Missolin's Miss Fortuna beaded bunny ears, $354.

Smithshop Non-Folding Chair, $1,695, made to order.

These 1960's Carlo Moretti cordial glasses would have been right at home in Julianne Moore's house in A Single Man. Set of six, $125.

1980's Judith Leiber Clutch, $199.

Smithshop's Tray Table was inspired by a t.v. tray. $1,475, made to order.

This massive 1940's Oak Swivel Armchair, would be the perfect seat for plotting and scheming. I would totally ask people to come into my office just so I could swivel around to face them in this. $2,475.

Please keep it coming, Q!


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