Friday, February 19, 2010

Fantasy Friday: Philip Treacy's Headpieces Blow My Mind

In which we shop with imaginary money and indulge our fanciest fancies.

When it comes to modern day millinery, Philip Treacy is tops. In an imaginary world in which hats actually look good on me and I have scads of invites to smashing soirees and fabulous fetes that merit, nay demand, an over-the-top accessory, he's my man. In my fantastical visions of what old age will be like, I play a fashion industry dignitary so venerable that I get away with sporting extravagant headpieces on the regular, placing everything from floral arrangements to birds atop my batty little head, and Treacy's sculptural creations would be just the ticket. 

Philip Treacy double disc woven headpiece, $1,235 @ Net-a-Porter.

Philip Treacy sculptural headpiece in fuchsia, $1,185 @ Net-a-Porter.

Philip Treacy Sculptural bow and feather headpiece, $1,100 @ Net-a-Porter.

Philip Treacy Teardrop lace and feather headpiece, a whopping $2,015 @ Net-a-Porter.


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