Monday, February 22, 2010

Mens Footwear Obsession: Alfred Sargent x Seize sur Vingt's Walnut Grain Gibson

Yesterday my friend Pierre and I hit Soho for some shoe shopping. He had his eye on some Alfred Sargent shoes at Seize sur Vingt and I was prospecting potential bday presents to myself at Miu Miu. I decided to hold off until after purchasing a new laptop, but he went ahead and said "I do" to a gorgeous pair of benchmade pebbled leather beauties in the perfect walnut brown hue.

Part of an exclusive co-branded collab between the legendary British shoemaker and SsV, the shoes are absolutely beautiful right down to the soles. P tried on the a couple of styles, but the Gibson in walnut grain won us over. The minute he put them on, I insisted that he buy them or risk my throwing a full-on kiddie style tantrum in the store. Though there certainly were other beauties among the AS offerings, the pebbled texture made the light reflect off of them differently than the shiny, smooth-all-over variety, for a look that was less flashy but still rich. The texture even changes a bit, gradually becoming smoother towards the toe. It looked perfect with P's dark jeans and would probably go with most any other pants. The photos on the website really don't do them justice, so they should be examined in-store if possible.

Alfred Sargent Gibson in Walnut Grain, $440. They're a bit darker in person.


They cost a small fortune, but this is one of those purchases where the cost-per-wear rule comes into play, and quality is a major decision-making factor. These will probably be one of the best pairs of shoes you will ever own in your life, and should last forever. According to a fellow shopper who was coming back for his second pair, they wear in perfectly and start to feel amazing. Upon examining the sole, I noticed a separate piece of leather at the inside of the back of the heel, where shoes tend to suffer the most wear and tear (see below). P and I guessed that this was was so that the piece could be replaced without sacrificing the superbly crafted heel. Every conceivable consideration was made in their making, so despite the price, the purchase was kind of a no-brainer.

A pic of P wearing his new shoes.

UPDATE: P just sent me a link to a Flickr set of the Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

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