Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Winter Recovery Program Begins Now: New Items to Freshen Up the Wardrobe

As the weather grew worse and worse over the course of the winter, I slid into some pretty slovenly dressing habits. Long johns in lieu of leggings? Done it. Elasticized waistbands? Guilty. Trying to pass off an oversized sweatshirt as a dress? Been there (more often than I care to admit). Now that things are warming up just enough to venture out of doors without piling on an increasingly mismatched combination of layers, getting dressed can, at long last, be fun again. A few transitional pieces to inject some style into a stale winter wardrobe:

Out with the heavy tweeds. Let's start with a brand new, feminine blazer to pair with everything from jeans to evening wear. Maje Tison crepe tuxedo jacket, $495 @ Net-a-Porter.

At the bar, shed the blazer to reveal a silky blouse with a cutout back. The fellers will fall over at the mere sight of bare skin, having been deprived of it for so long. Dolce Vita Ash Tank in taupe, $126 @ 80's Purple.

Ditch your burdensome oversized satchel for a night in favor of a carefree clutch. Claflin, Thayer and Co. Black/White Roads Clutch, $130 @ Oak.
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  1. I swear I saw a super similar blazer at Uniqlo ($50). And that tank. ADORABLE!