Monday, June 13, 2011

Kitchen Obsession: Ice Milk Aprons

This past weekend, bf helped me cook a meal that, shockingly, didn't suck (if you only knew my cooking history . . .). I credit him for keeping an eye on things and ensuring that our ricotta gnocchi in sage butter made it safely to the table. I'm excited to embark on more cooking adventures as sous chef to his science geek. Here are a some delightful aprons to help me along on the journey:

Aprons! Although I've purchased some in the past, sadly, they've gone unworn and now I'm kind of over them. I've been encountering Ice Milk aprons everywhere these days. They're so darn pretty you won't mind if company comes over before you're done cooking.

From top to bottom, Rollings of Cinnamon, Frosty Tin Marshmallows, and Morning Bun Moments, $85 each. The first and lattermost are on pre or backorder, but if you need one now, Frosty Tin Marshmallows is yours for the taking.


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