Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Obsession: Seeing Yellow

I am back from the most lovely vacation ever to San Francisco + Big Sur. It was so wonderful to visit my former home after so long, see my brother, and reconnect with old friends in SF, and I'm pretty sure I I left my heart in Big Sur. Pictures to come!

I returned from my NoCal excursion to be greeted by fall in NYC. This weekend abruptly marks the end of the in-betweeny weather and the arrival of true jacket-wearing, leaf-crunching, crisp-smelling fall. Central Park is going to be gorgeous in a couple of weeks, and though I'm being good and saving up for some big ticket purchases, it's all I can do to resist the fall merch arriving in stores. I'm also coming out of my orange phase and really embracing yellow in all forms. From marigold minis to goldenrod sofas and lemon-hued desk lamps, here are some recent discoveries in the key of yellow:

Vintage clip light by earthseawarrior on Etsy. The bright blue cord sets it off perfectly. UPDATE: Sold out :(


Love the 60's-futuristic design of the FAVN sofa by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen and it's gorgeously articulated in these hues. If the Jetsons went upscale, this would be their fancy sofa.
The Contemporist

Acne's Rama Lux wool-crepe mini skirt is selling like hotcakes on Net-a-Porter.

On a yellow-related note, while researching a fall foliage destination story for a client, I learned something new: the colors of fall in North America and East Asia are quite different from fall colors in Europe. Europe's leaves only turn yellow, unlike ours, which erupt in a panoply of warm hues, from yellow to burnt orange to fiery crimson. Apparently it has something to do with chlorophyll.

Europe, you're still pretty.
Live Science

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