Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Note-orious: Vibrant Journals for 2010

Despite having an iPhone that allows me to jot down to-do's, look up directions, and record voice memos, I still am and will forever be a notebook person. I always have one within arm's reach. There is one that has taken up permanent residence on my bed (because I only ever remember the things I was supposed to do until after I've climbed in), and various others lay scattered about on my bedside table, tucked into a handbag or desk drawer, and lets not forget the pile of journals (recordings kept since the age of ten) hiding under the bed. I'm a scrawler, a jotter, and everywhere-note-putter.

The contents of these notebooks are far too inane and/or embarrassing to discuss in detail, but a synopsis might include grocery lists, travel itineraries, art history notes, business ideas that never came to fruition, long-winded adolescent polemics against strict parenting, and a hand drawn diagram from that year when, knowing absolutely nothing about college basketball, I decided for some unfathomable reason to make my own NCAA bracket.  It used to be that an old spiral bound school notebook would suffice for these sundry needs, but as I grew older, its large size proved to be a hindrance for an on-the-go lifestyle, and my developing tastes demanded a prettier solution.

Tired of the ubiquitous Moleskine and unable to find the Mackinaw Autumn Field Notes collection online, I turned to the internet in search of other notebooks. Some contenders:

These Postal Co. notebooks are so cute and portable. $12 for the smaller guy and $18 for the large @ auto. Also available in blue and yellow.

Doane Paper's pocket-sized Utility Notebooks feature both grids and lines. These colors are part of their traffic light series $9.50 each.

For a splurge, these colorful, leather bound Smythson books are great. With fun titles stamped in fancy silver lettering, they'd make a chic addition to any desktop or bedside table. From top to bottom: Notes, Yummy Mummy, Me Me Me, and Blah Blah Blah. $67 each.

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